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Website Custom Fields


This demonstrates how to set up and use website custom fields for generating Resware documents.

Enabling Custom Fields for Website Use

Admin/Documents and Templates/Custom Fields

  • Add or edit a custom field. If a custom field should be presented to a website user, check the Display on Website checkbox. When checked, if this custom field is on a template being generated from the website, the website user will be prompted to fill out the custom field.

Note: Website custom fields are still visible and editable by internal users in Resware when generating documents. Checking Display on Website extends the custom field functionality to website users.  The Display on Website requires a license upgrade.  If this checkbox is not visible, contact an Account Director for additional information and requirements for a license upgrade.

Adding Website Custom Fields to Templates

Admin/Documents and Templates/Templates

  • Highlight the template that will be using website custom fields and click on the Edit button, or click on the Add button to create a new template.
  • When adding or editing a template for use with website custom fields, the template must be set to use file custom fields. Unique custom fields are not compatible with website custom fields.
  • To insert website custom fields, highlight the template and click on the Edit Document button or double-click on the template. Place the cursor on the document where the custom field should be inserted, select the Add-Ins tab, and click on the Insert Resware Field button. Select the custom field from the Resware Field drop down.

Adding Actions to Complete on the Website

Documents can be generated by website users by completing an action that uses an email template to generate a document. When website custom fields are present on a template being generated by an email template, the website user will see a custom fields popup after completing the action.

Admin/Action Lists/Email Templates

  • Add an email template and set the Send Action to No email sent. Check the Attach by Template option and click on Select Templates to select the template that uses the website custom fields. Note that each template being generated on the website must be set up on separate email templates.

Admin/Action Lists/Global Actions

  • Add a global action and add the email template from the previous step to the Completing Email Templates. The Display Name will be the action name the website user sees.

Admin/Action Lists/Action Groups

  • Create or edit an action group and add the action set up in the step above. Set the Complete Task Responsible Party to the partner type of the website user. This will make the action visible on the website Actions tab for the website user.

Generating Documents with Custom Fields from the Website

When an action with a responsible party set to a partner type is started on a file, it is viewable as an action to complete on the website by that partner in a file.

  • The website user can log into the website and navigate to their Actions tab to see all actions available for them to complete.
  • When the website user completes an action with an email template that generates a document with website custom fields, they will be presented with a Custom Fields popup.
  • Fill out the custom fields and click on OK to generate documents. Any validation errors will be highlighted in red.
  • Documents will be saved to the file.
Updated on March 18, 2022

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